• The final results

    Full results can be found here. Summing up, the final results are: TEAMS: I.Latvia II.Russian Federation-1  III.Kazakhstan-1 and Brazil GOLDEN MEDALISTS: 1. V

  • Taste of victory: Kazakhstan and Malaysia triumph

    The last round is ahead! Now we all finally can take a deep breath out. The third round was a tournament of cases rolled up by Changellenge. Teams had to cope with a real case

  • Day the 4th: contestants` impression

    It`s the 4th day of the IEO and the Force is with us like never! Two rounds are ahead now, the third one takes place tomorrow. During the Olympiad we have been collecting feed

  • 'Economics Olympiad Gives an Opportunity to Share Ideas and Compete'

    Although economics is not a mandatory subject in many countries, the contestants come well-prepared thanks to their hard work and mentoring by their team leaders. The students

  • First International Economics Olympiad for High School Students Starts in Moscow

    This event was initiated by the Higher School of Economics (HSE) and is supported by the Sberbank Charity Fund ‘Contribution to the Future’ and the New Economic School. A tota

  • Participation is way more important than winning

    «If you are keen on Physics, you can invent spaceships and fly to Mars. It`s obvious how it`ll make things better. If you study Biology, you`ll be able to develop a medical tr

  • Olá OBECON!

    The first stage of OBECON has gone online! OBECON is the Brazilian National Economics Olympiad. Its first stage takes place in form of an online test, which consists of 40

  • Read the Statute

    The Statute sets the basic rules of the IEO. Read it to know your rights.

  • We welcome New Zealand!

    Another country has confirmed its participation! New Zealand, represented by Dr. Jeffrey Stangl, has joined our Olympiad. The National competition in New Zealand for electi

  • We welcome Myanmar!

    Another country has confirmed its participation! Myanmar, represented by Ilhomiddin Mamajonov, has joined our Olympiad. You can find all the information about national c


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